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Our Creed

"To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country. That their dedication, deeds, and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments. Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution."

Scorpion SS-278
USA Flag

That's our "CREED" but it's not who we are

We are United States Submarine Sailors! We were, and are, members of the elite fighting force of the United States Navy.

Included are submariners from the very early boats: S, R or earlier; WWII boats; post-war GUPPY boats and FBM and Fast Attack submariners.
All Qualified in Submarines - from E2 to 4 Stars. Retired, short timer, or active duty - it makes no difference.

If you are Qualified in Submarines we want you in United States Submarine Veterans organization
Prospective USSVI members Call 1-877-542-Dive to Join!


Scorpion Base SS 278

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Dolphins Insignia History

DBF Dolphins

Invites you to attend the local base meeting
at the
DAV in Sioux Falls, SD
1519 W 51st St
Exit 2 on I229 then north to W 51st Street
turn starboard to heading 090 for .217 nautical miles
(turn right about 1/4 mile)
to the DAV on the South side of the road
Phone: (605) 332-6866
SF DAV Facebook page

On the 3rd Saturday
of odd numbered Months


Next meeting will be held at the USS Scorpion Memorial in Yankton SD on May 18th, 2024 at noon


Come, share your stories and tales of the sea!

Call or email to see if meeting time and/or location has changed

Up from the Deep


District 3 Contact page

Scorpion Base Contact Information

Base Commander: Kent Winter: Phone E-mail
Base Secretary/Treasurer: Brian Schnurr E-mail
Base Storekeeper: Brad Gross E-mail

Listen to our podcast promoting USSVI and what we do


Shipmates, Send your great "Sea Story" to me and I will get it up on the web site for all to see and enjoy

Read some of your shipmates sea stories here!

USS South Dakota SSN 790!

Current GD/EB Christening

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Scorpion Base Facebook
USS South Dakota SSN 790 Commissioning Committee
USS South Dakota SSN790 Facebook page

Any member needing a SubVet vest should contact the Storekeeper and let him know sizes and what they want to get put on the vest.

We have USS South Dakota SSN-790 ball caps available! We can also do special orders for you if you need a quantity.
We can get summer shirts with dolphins and the base information if you want a cooler option than the vest for meetings (see photos below)
Contact the Storekeeperand get yours now!

Silver Letters Silver Dolphins Silver Dolphins with Blue Flames Gold Letters Silver Dolphins

Silver Dolphins with Bottom Gun Black Letters with Silver Dolphins Scorpion Base with Silver Dolphins

Dark Blue Shirt Light Blue Shirt White Shirt

Now Hear this! Now Hear this!

Base Meeting minutes

Latest News!

SD Scorpion Base NEW! Photo Gallery coming SOON!

Pray for our Service Men & Women

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Boats on Eternal Patrol
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USS SCORPION SSN 589 analysis
Eternal Patrol Website


Put simply, over the last century, America's submariners have risked, served, fought and on occasion died
so that Americans might have a safer and freer life. In the process,
they have given full measure to the Navy, the nation, and the free world.
I can think of no higher price."

Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. USN Ret.

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