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USS Scorpion SS-278 Base
March 16th, 2024 Base meeting minutes

Bi-monthly Base meeting was held at the Sioux Falls DAV with Gwen cooking for the crew! The January Base meeting was canceled due to extreme cold weather.
Prior to the meeting starting, Gwen told the group that she has a spot on her kidney they were checking into and to pray for her. Just before she left, with her son helping her this time, the Executive Board, with the blessings of the members gave her a check for $1,000 to assist her in any way she saw fit.
We have appreciated her dedication and sacrifices made for this Base for the last 4+ years after Al Small retired to AZ. We all know how important a good cook is for the moral of the crew!
Dan Anderson was able to secure a spot in this year’s Sioux Falls St. Patrick's Day parade at 2pm. He will bring the sub float to the meeting but will have to depart early for staging at parade. So due to the St. Patrick parade participation, lunch was moved up 1 hour.
Meeting started at 1200 with the reading of the Creed and Pledge of Allegiance.
The boat was ordered to Dive and Brian Schnurr sounded the Diving Alarm.
Invocation was given by Base Chaplain, Phillip Goettsch and members were introduced along with new guest Harlan Bedford. Harlan had/has been involved with the USS South Dakota BB-57 Committee for many years. Tolling of the Boats was read and given to the Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr losses by Roger Z. & Kent W.

Members attending:
Dan Anderson, John Stonebarger, Steve Kyle, Brian Schnurr, Scott Kelly, Brad Gross, Ray Decker, Phillip Goettsch, Bruce Curry, Lon Bymers, Jerry Davey, Bud Walkins, Roger Zarn, Chuck & Charlie Gilson and Harlan Bedford, guest of Kent Winter.

Secretary/Treasurers reports:
No January meeting, so last meeting November minutes were sent out to members for comment/concerns. No comments back, minutes approved.
Brian S. reported account balance was $6,437. Brian submitted the Scorpion 278 Base EOY report to National.

Committee reports:

Eagle Scout program:Keep watching for Eagle Scout ceremonies in local areas by keeping our eyes and ears open to leads from Boy Scouts and work with the Sioux Council and any group within.
Kaps4Kids program:We are still not allowed to visit any kids due to post pandemic issues. We discussed opening the program up to foster kids too. Program on back burner for the time.
Storekeeper:If you would like a vest or other items from the Storekeeper, now is the time! Contact Brad at

Old/Unfinished business:
Discussed the May Memorial service and what we want to do this year with the 80th Anniversary of the sinking of the USS Scorpion SS 278. Problems with the Yankton VFW being closed for the last 2 years have us looking at other options. After research have found few options in Yankton but will keep looking for a room big enough for the event.

Planning for the upcoming May 2024 Memorial service with a Admiral or Captain level speaker from Omaha to help us celebrate our 80th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Scorpion 278. Dan A. has sent a letter of request to the Omaha contact with a potential speaker and we have received back their answer of YES they will provide speaker. Just not sure which one yet.

Talked about the City of Yankton and trying to get more involvement from them. Ray Decker has made contact with Mt. Marty there in Yankton and/or will make contact with the local High School or other college providing a ROTC unit along with band and Honor Guard to make a an impact on the 80th anniversary.

The new Purple Heart sign at the Yankton memorial were suppose to be up by Riverboat Days but due to concerns with the framework and support, the sign is not up yet. City of Yankton needs to figure out a way to secure the big sign in all weather conditions. As for the other street signs it appears that is another problem we have with the City and may or may not happen.

New Business:
What do you have that would be proper to display in a Military Museum? Was the question asked however it was suggested we start small with a large display case. So now, it's really about the quality of items we can collect to display. So, as they say, what's in your box in the closet?

The 50/50 drawing was held with Gerold "Jerry" Davey winning the pot ($70) and giving it all back!!
Thanks Jerry!

Base Chaplain Phillip G. gave a benediction to close out the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 1315. Surface the Boat!

Next meeting is Saturday, May 18th for the May Memorial ceremony in Yankton.
Contact me if you plan to attend, please. Car pool will be available from SF Alliance parking lot.
Service will start at 1200 noon and finish around 1300 with a tossing of the ceremonial flowers into the river from the Meridian Bridge. If the weather's good, I hope to see a lot of you at the Memorial!

Sign at Yankton VFW:
It is not what you pay to belong
It is what you paid to be eligible!

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